Trade shows and conferences are back in full swing.   They can be a huge win for your organization,  but,  they also represent plenty of logistical headaches.

We can take some of the pain and suffering out of trade show management.

Here’s how it works:

We build you a portal of your trade show merch, swag, pop ups,  show banners,  monitors,  you name it.   We give access to this portal to whoever needs it.  Say you have a Chicago rep who has a Dallas show coming up.   That rep can jump online and order what they need for the show.  We will have it waiting for them with a return label.  Once the show is finished,  the rep boxes up all the stuff and sends it back to us.  We receive it,  do a light qc (we check the cords are back in the box,  nothing got mangled, that it’s all there) and re-shelve the items.

We keep your inventory online and accessible with robust reporting features.  The reporting tool can even make buying recommendations with a little history.  The physical inventory is kept up to date and shelved in a temperature controlled,  secure warehouse facility.