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What are the benefits of a shared warehouse SPACE IN ASHEVILLE?

Well, it’s hard to perform out of your home, office, or storage unit at a high level. At Ernest, you can accept a pallet at the loading docks, have access to pallet jacks and the fork lift. There’s killer office space. There’s a photography studio. There are conference rooms. There are places to check email with a cup of coffee. Basically, plenty of room to get what you need to do done, and done well.


Why the name?

Ernie Daniels founded our company in 1948. Naming the company after him is a hat-tip to all founders.


Is this co working IN ASHEVILLE?

Kind of. It’s similarish. (Also, we do offer traditional co-working office space, as well as meeting rooms) Culturally, co-warehousing offers the same innovative, collaborative spirit. But, it’s way more.


Is this self storage?

NO! Not even close!


What is ERNEST then?

It’s an active workspace. A place that supports all aspects of eCommerce. It’s a functional warehouse,  fulfillment house, photo studio, ship station, and office. It’s a space to get work done, to get orders shipped, have a meeting, and to launch and scale eCommerce.


What kind of businesses are a good fit for Ernest?

Really any kind of goods business that is supported by eCommerce. It’s a good fit for resellers, light manufacturers, outdoor builders, subscription boxes, just to name a few. (We may not allow some hazardous materials, disruptive production (loud, overpowering smells), or we reserve the right to avoid other endeavors that wouldn’t be a good fit for various reasons.)


What is included with MY warehouse station?

Your monthly rent is a fully loaded all-in cost, including parking, shared office space, conference room access, break room access, copy machines, the works. Additionally, it includes the benefits of a warehouse, including loading docks, pallet jacks, forklift access (we have to drive), daily shipping carrier pick-ups, packing stations.


What will the flex staff help with?

The Flex staff can help with all manner of warehouse activities: receiving, relabeling, order fulfillment support, general facility support.


What are the hours?

Today, our fulfillment operation hours are 7:00 am – 7:00 pm. There is 24 Hour access to the stations and the co-working spaces.


Can I change the size of my station?

Yes! The secure warehouse stations have demountable walls. We can flex as you grow.


Is there furniture/shelving/equipment included?

We have a few items available to rent including (but not limited to) shelving, packing stations, desks, etc). Let’s talk about what you need! We’re here to help.


Can I customize my space?

Most definitely! We want you to! There are a few rules, so, let’s talk about what you have in mind.


Will you just do my fulfillment for me?

Absolutely.  We offer a full service 3PL,  fulfillment, and kitting operation.  We do all kinds of product fulfillment,  tradeshow management,  logistics and shipping, and special projects.