Co-working has established itself as a model for the digital nomad and the solopreneur who seek to work in concert with other creatives,  entrepreneurs, or digital workers.  It’s considered an environment that supports innovation and collaboration.   It’s more than office space,  it’s a place to gather and work.    The thing is,  traditional co-working supports administrative work,  but,  what about eCommerce?

eCommerce needs an environment that supports product fulfillment,  pallet receiving, inventory management,  product photography,  not just meeting space and workspace.     Enter Co-warehousing.   In this place you have room to fulfill your orders, places to keep your active inventory,  do light manufacturing,  take a meeting with a distributor, post up with a cup of coffee and do emails,  keep your product photos and website up to date.   Co-warehousing truly supports all facets of eCommerce but retains the cultural side of co-working.  The collaboration and innovative spirit along with the ability to scale.


Ernest Co-Warehousing in Asheville provides a flexible, supportive, work environment that is built to scale up with your business. Ernest provides the benefits of a warehouse, with the comfort of a flexible office as a backbone to eCommerce support. From customizable workspaces, to a flexible on-demand staffing model for peak seasons, there is no limit to the growth of your business.